A Leading University in Asia
Pro-Innovation Education
Vibrant Research with Impact
Engaging with the World
Oh, Spring!
A Global ZJU for Social Good
ZJU is one of Asia's leading research universities (US News & World Report). | Photo: ZHANG Chenchen
The First Cohort of ZJUI Students Receiving Diplomas | Photo: XIE Jing
ZJU maintains a leading position in China in terms of output indicators, including publications and patents. | Image: SHI Mengsu
ZJU is considered one of China's most international universities, according to SWJTU University Ranking by Internationalization (URI). | Photo: SHEN Zhengfei
Cherry blossoms at ZJU School of Medicine. | Photo: ZHOU Zeyong
Aiming to Create a Greener Campus | Photo: YAN Junhao
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